Lance Wallnau: Donald Trump Was Sent By God

While appearing on Jim Bakker’s “The Prophets Speak” program last week, Religious Right activist and Donald Trump supporter Lance Wallnau said that Trump had been sent by God to save America.

The first time he went to Trump Tower, Wallnau said, God told him that “your assignment is Donald Trump and the American unraveling.”

Wallnau said God told him that “‘Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness’ and immediately, I knew that he was going to redefine the entire narrative of how electoral politics was going to operate in America.”

“He is the single candidate that God, from the beginning, had separated from a pack” of “very great evangelical candidates” that were running in the Republican primary, he said.

Indeed, Wallnau said that Trump was an answer to his prayers: “The Lord said something interesting, he said: ‘I’m answering your prayer.’ And I said, ‘What prayer?’ And the Lord said, ‘Every time you pray in tongues, you say that you want to see America get restored and saved and I’m getting you involved.’”

“I’m praying in the spirit all the time and I’m actually asking God to change and save America and evidently he must be getting involved with Donald Trump,” he said.