Lance Wallnau Blames Media After He Admits To Botching Story About An ‘Anointed Cake’ Freeing A Man From Homosexuality

Last week, we posted a clip of right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau recounting an incident he had recently heard about in which a gay bar owner was supposedly delivered from his homosexuality after eating an “anointed cake” that had been prayed over by Christians.

That video received a bit of coverage in the media and Wallnau is not happy about it, as he posted a video on his Facebook page last week accusing outlets like The Huffington Post of spreading fake news about him.

In attempting to defend himself, Wallnau read from the book “Transformation: Change The Marketplace and You Change the World” by Ed Silvoso, which was the source of the story that Wallnau told last week. But in reading the section, Wallnau discovered that he had gotten the details of the story wrong.

The book claims that it was a gay bar manager who was freed from the “demonic forces” that were holding him after he was baptized by a Christian patron and that this manager then baked a cake for the bar owner, who then transformed the bar into a church after he was converted as a result of eating the anointed cake.

Despite the fact that it was Wallnau who got the story wrong and that the media was simply reporting what he had originally said, Wallnau is now bizarrely claiming that he was misquoted.

“So you see, they were not quoting me correctly in The Huffington Puffington Post,” Wallnau declared, “because the guy didn’t get delivered … Ex-gay guy ends up getting delivered by water baptism, not by the cake. This is what the liberals do, they always misquote you. Get it straight!”

“They got hung up on the cake,” he stated, “which was actually [the owner], not a homosexual. Once again, fake news from The Huffington Puffington Post and the Dallas News and one thousand Twitter feeds!”