Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/22/17

  • Lance Wallnau defends Milo Yiannopoulos: “NOW is the propitious time for evangelical conservatives at CPAC to be a ‘safe place’ for a beaten up young man. Instead, they have thrown him under the bus.”
  • Why is the New York Times persecuting Todd Starnes?
  • Why is Donald Trump’s National Park Service persecuting Christians?
  • Political commentator Paul Sperry says that Barack Obama is responsible for hostile crowds at congressional town hall meetings: “Obama’s the guy who’s behind all this. He’s the mastermind.”
  • Linda Harvey fumes that “the left keeps … spinning really bad news (for them) into successful assaults on morality, security and Judeo-Christian Western civilization.”
  • Finally, Arthur Schaper is no fan of Trae Crowder and his “Liberal Redneck” character: “Talk about a self-loathing snob! Where does this Trae guy get off on attacking and shaming people from the South?”