Lance Wallnau: Like Hitler, Liberals Are Under Demonic Control

On Sunday, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page warning that President Trump is under attack from a “leviathan spirit” that seeks to “dismember his credibility,” adding that this attack is being carried out by liberals who are under demonic control, just like Hitler was.

The purpose of the leviathan spirit, Wallnau said, is to “twist the meaning of things” in order to create strife and is currently working through the media “to assault Donald Trump.”

“I believe the witchcraft that was released a week ago against Donald Trump has empowered leviathan,” he said, “so that when the president came out with his beautiful speech, within 24 hours, the assault was on him to dismember his credibility. We as the church have got to stand in the gap. Liberals are operating under demonic spirits; just like Hitler operated a under demonic principality to destroy the Jews, liberals are operating under a demonic spirit in order to destroy Christian roots in America and annihilate this country as the last hope of freedom in the world.”

Only Christians, Wallnau proclaimed, are equipped to fight the “spiritual wickedness” that is working to take down the president.