Lance Wallnau Claims His False Prophecy Was True, But The Evidence Is ‘Being Suppressed’

Last week, we published a post noting that right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau’s prophetic prediction that “the entire deep state intrigue” against President Trump would be exposed by June 6 had not come to pass.

As we explained, Wallnau was convinced, based on a passage from the Book of Esther, that we would “see the unraveling of the entire deep state intrigue” by June 6 because God had supposedly told him that there would be a “cascade” of information released exposing the fact that President Obama had been involved in spying on the Trump campaign.

“It’s going to happen,” Wallnau confidently predicted, repeatedly asserting that “there will be massive disclosures, a virtual hemorrhaging of information” and that “a major breakthrough” would occur by June 6 that would fully expose the deep state’s plot against Trump.

Needless to say, nothing Wallnau prophesied came to pass, but he remains undaunted, declaring that his prophecy was correct but that the “damning evidence” is being “suppressed.”

“People are already saying, ‘False prophet, it didn’t happen,'” Wallnau said in a video he posted on his Facebook page last night. “But here is what’s interesting: we have to now see what’s [in] the report that is going to come out that was issued between the sixth and the ninth of this month that is being suppressed in Washington. And it’s being suppressed because the report is damning evidence on the corruption and the improprieties of the deep state in terms of its engagement against Donald Trump.”

“I’m still going to be vindicated in that,” Wallnau insisted. “I’m convinced that when the [Inspector] General reports and the special investigation papers are released, you will see that it was the sixth and it was the ninth, it was those dates in which there was editing being done—everybody right now is editing and editing and editing, trying to water down the document, but the document has already been released. It’s going to come out.”