Lance Wallnau: God Using Trump To Defeat His Enemies

Religious Right activist Lance Wallnau spoke with televangelist Jim Bakker yesterday about his belief that Donald Trump is God’s anointed candidate in the presidential election.

After Bakker lamented the media coverage of Trump’s past lewd behavior and sexual assault allegations against him, Wallnau explained that God picked Trump just as he lifted up Samson “to take out His enemies.”

Wallnau said that “Trump is a bowling ball” who is in the “most dangerous lane for the devil that a human being can be.” Trump, he said, will knock down the metaphorical bowling pins that represent “all of this infrastructure the devil’s built.”

“Trump, he’s not even in the conspiratorial mind, he just deals with one deception after another and hangs it out there in public,” he said. “He is a wrecking ball to that spirit of political mind control.”

Wallnau added that Trump is much like Samson, who received an anointing from God to slay Philistines even though he “had a history with Philistine girls”:

Jezebel, also in the Bible, never was once anointed by God; Samson was anointed by God. God can even use somebody with a checkered past, who has an anointing, in order to take out His enemies. The last act that Samson did was he took down the entire Philistine structure. So the church really needs to stop fighting over what maybe Trump did a decade ago and start recognizing that there’s an anointing on him to deal with the Philistines and the Philistines are destroying the American system.