Lance Wallnau: Trump Is ‘The King’ Parading The Heads Of His Enemies

Yesterday on “The Jim Bakker Show,” Lance Wallnau hailed “the king” Donald Trump for taking on his enemies in the media and the Democratic Party.

He claimed that since God has anointed Trump, members of the media will only suffer when they challenge him. Wallnau lauded “the king” for attacking critical reports about him as “fake news.”

He went on to compare Trump’s public meeting with labor union leaders to David bringing Goliath’s head to Jerusalem, as described in 1 Samuel, explaining that Trump is parading his victory over his rivals in the labor-aligned Democratic Party:

When David slew Goliath, there’s a great little verse, it says that he was walking around carrying Goliath’s head; I’m telling you something, Trump is messing with the enemy’s head right now. The Democratic stronghold is the unions and so what he just did was he just got all the union heads in a photo-op surrounding the businessman CEO saying, “My first order of business is to take care of you because you’ve not been taken care of properly,” and there’s a shudder going through the left right now.

Wallnau, however, may want to heed 1 Samuel’s warning about asking for a king.