Lance Wallnau Cackles With Glee That Olympians Who Criticized Trump Were Punished By God

Last night, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page in which he cackled with glee over the fact that several American Olympic athletes who had criticized President Trump failed to win medals, claiming that they were being punished by God.

Reading an article from The Daily Wire that suggested that these athletes had been “cursed” for disrespecting Trump, Wallnau chortled that “it is odd that all these athletes who dissed President Trump went on to lose. Don’t they know by now that if they just support him, they would have so much winning that they’ll get bored with it?”

“This president is anointed,” Wallnau said. “He is anointed and he is appointed and I pray for him because why in the world should he have to suffer this kind of perpetual disrespect and dishonor? He hasn’t done anything. It’s the crazy liberal media, the Democratic media is off it’s flippin’ rocker.”

Wallnau went on to pray that Trump will be protected from the left, which is “volatile and vitriolic and incendiary and insane.”

“Father, we pray for the president and we thank you for him,” Wallnau said. “[We pray] that there is no enemy that will be able to succeed again him and that you will expose the conspiracies of those that are trying to defraud him of his service to this country.”