Lance Wallnau Prays That God Will ‘Persecute And Prosecute’ Trump’s Enemies

Last week, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau streamed a video on Periscope during which he prayed that 2018 will be the year in which God “will persecute and prosecute and pursue” President Trump’s enemies.

Thanks to Trump, Wallnau said, God wants to show mercy on America. He prayed that all of those who have worked to undermine Trump’s presidency will be exposed and prosecuted by “the angel of the Lord.”

“Let there be a pulling back of the veil on the corruption of the Republicans and Democrats and the embedded bureaucrats in the intelligence community wherever they have colluded together in order to set a snare for the man, Father, that you put into the Oval Office,” Wallnau prayed. “Let the anointing be Donald Trump’s defense and let the boomerang of heaven take place, that the curse that they curse against him actually returns to them.”

“I pray the angel of the Lord will persecute and prosecute and pursue every powerful person who has colluded for the purpose of destroying the legitimacy and the success of the man who you anointed and sent into office,” he continued. “I pray that you will uproot them from their positions and give their place to people that are more righteous.”