Lance Wallnau: God Is Telling Christians To ‘Shut Up’ And Stop Criticizing Trump

In a video he streamed on Periscope last night, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau declared that God is telling Christians to “shut up” and stop criticizing President Trump.

After declaring that the left is being guided by the “Marxist, communist, crazy and lawless” spirit of the Antichrist, Wallnau blasted Christians who hold their nose when it comes to Trump and complain about his Twitter habits.

“Oh, shut up! You should be thanking God you’ve got a Cyrus in office,” Wallnau said. “You can hear God, He’s telling you to shut up. There are times where God tells you to shut your mouth. And every believer who is sitting there trying to be cool, talking about, ‘I wish he wouldn’t tweet so much,’ you ought to thank God that you have got a guy in there that has a heart to do what is right and owes nobody any favors and the devil can’t find hooks in him. God put him in there!”