Lance Wallnau: Billy Graham’s Death Has Released An Anointing To Raise Up A New Generation Of ‘Statesmen Evangelists’ To Influence Government

Yesterday, Andrew Wommack of Charis Bible College teamed up with right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau for a live Facebook broadcast to announce the formation of their new venture, the Truth and Liberty Coalition, which aims to “establish and catalyze a movement that promotes the true reformation and flourishing of nations” through the promotion of Wallnau’s “Seven Mountains” message.

During the broadcast, Wallnau said that the recent death of Billy Graham released an anointing on the earth that will allow this new Truth and Liberty Coalition to raise up “a new generation of believers who will be statesmen evangelists” who will “influence governments and systems.”

Wallnau asserted that there was spiritual significance behind the fact that President Trump spoke over Graham’s casket as he was lying in honor in the U.S. capitol during the Jewish holiday of Purim.

“Billy Graham, statesmen evangelist, was lying in honor,” he said. “The president goes up, touches his casket five times and delivers this proclamation: ‘May God raise up among men and women in this country a new generation like Billy Graham, that will preach the gospel.’ And what was Purim? It was the feast where God empowered his people, with Esther who had suddenly emerged in government as an influence, where God empowered his people to protect their identity and their freedom from the attack of the anti-Christ spirit. God is saying right now that in this period of time that there is a grace for America for Christians to protect and defend the inheritance that God has given to America from the anti-Christ spirit.”