Lance Wallnau Is Working With ‘Ninja Sheep’ In The Trump Administration To Gain Control Of The Seven Mountains

On today’s episode of “Wallbuilders Live,” GOP activist and Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton welcomed Seven Mountains preacher Lance Wallnau to discuss his efforts to use “ninja sheep” to put conservative Christians in control of every aspect of American culture.

For years, Barton has promoted Seven Mountains dominionism, which is the idea that Christians are to “do whatever is necessary” to take control of all aspects of our culture in order to implement the will of God throughout the world, preferably through stealth. Wallnau has long been a leading proponent of this theology and explained to Barton that he has been working with right-wing Christian activists, politicians and members of Donald Trump’s transition team who are operating as “ninja sheep” in order to try to quietly take control of all parts of American society.

Wallnau, who is a member of the POTUS Shield prayer effort, says that for too long, Satan has been in control of everything from academia and entertainment to politics and business, which means that “our real enemies are the ones that are shaping laws, shaping media, and shaping the next generation.”

“We should be moving to the top of these mountains,” Wallnau said. “Christians are called to go into proximity to the gates of hell. That’s why they’re showing up in government. They should be showing up in journalism.”

To remedy this, Wallnau launched “The 7M Underground,” through which he plans on “working with producers, directors, attorneys, politicians, economists, [and] the Trump transition team” to place Christians in positions of authority.

“I’m working with believers that I call ninja sheep—those are believers that are actual believers but have to maintain discretion with their public profile,” he said. “And what we want to do is we want to reinstall a culture that honors God and that revives again a morality that’s essential to the survival of America as a Christian-influenced nation. So the underground is where we meet and we basically have now mobilized nationwide believers to intercede pray and be informed and then show up at the decisive flashpoints in culture where there can be a presence behind what Trump’s assignment is. So it’s pretty exciting.”