Josh Bernstein: Congress Should Appoint a Special Counsel to Determine if Joe Biden is ‘Possibly a Pedophile’

Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein posted a video today in which he called on Congress to launch a special counsel investigation to determine if Joe Biden might be “possibly a pedophile.”

Biden has been at the center of a controversy recently over his history of behaving in ways that have reportedly made multiple women feel uncomfortable. Biden released a statement acknowledging the issue and vowing to “be more mindful and respectful of people’s personal space” from now on.

Bernstein, who seemingly prides himself on providing radical reactions to contemporary political events, was true to form as he called on Congress to launch an investigation into Biden, as well as urging child protective services investigators to check on Biden’s grandchildren to ensure that the former vice president has not been sexually abusing them.

“Creepy Joe Biden,” Bernstein said. “He is an absolute pig. He is a sexual deviant. He is a drunk. He is a pervert and he is a serial fondler and, who knows, maybe even possibly a pedophile.”

“If you live in Delaware or Washington, D.C., you ought to contact child protective services and ask them to do a welfare check and make sure that these grandchildren are in good condition,” he added. “If this man is close to these grandchildren, then he ought to be investigated.”

“Congress, where are you?” Bernstein then asked. “You should open up an investigation and appoint a special counsel to look into Joe Biden’s behavior with women and little children. That’s right, I said it.”