Josh Bernstein: Ignore Congress, Courts, and the Law to ‘Build The Wall’

Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein posted a video today in which he urged President Trump to ignore Congress, ignore the courts, and ignore the law to just build his wall along the southern border.

“What I would say to the president,” Bernstein advised, “is I would ignore the left, I would ignore the RINOS and I would just ignore Congress, I would ignore the law and I would just build the wall regardless.”

“I wouldn’t stop, I wouldn’t listen to any judges’ injunction and I would continue to build the wall and just ignore the courts and ignore the law and deal with the consequences of that later,” he added.

Bernstein said that Trump’s presidency represents the only chance to ever build such a border wall, so the president should just “forget the law” and ignore court rulings or injunctions because if Congress ever attempts to impeach Trump for doing so, it’ll cause an “uproar from millions of us.”

“Go ahead and ignore everybody and build the wall,” Bernstein concluded.