John Zmirak Says Voting for Biden Is a ‘Serious Sin’ Akin to Murder

Right-wing commentator John Zmirak appeared on Eric Metaxas’ radio show Monday, where he declared that it is a “serious sin” akin to murder for anyone to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Zmirak, who serves as senior editor of The Stream—a religious-right website founded by right-wing pastor and key Trump spiritual adviser James Robison—paraphrased the words of Jesus, as quoted in the Book of Matthew, declaring that it is “better to cut off your hand than use it to vote for Biden.”

“While in past years there might have been some shades of grey between the Republicans and the Democrats, this year the Democrats’ program and Biden as a candidate are so clearly and explicitly evil that it is actually grave occasion, a serious sin, to vote for them,” Zmirak said. “I put it up there as intrinsically evil, like adultery, murder, blasphemy.”

Zmirak added that those who vote for Biden and the Democrats while being unaware of their fundamental evil will nevertheless be held accountable on Judgment Day.

“That speaks to their culpability on Judgment Day,” he said. “If you shoot something in the forest and you think it’s a deer and it turns out to be a high school teacher, if you didn’t intend it and weren’t negligent, maybe you’re not culpable but the teacher is still dead. America will still die if we elect this Disney animatronic dead president whose battery is dying [and] who will be replaced by the most ruthless, power hungry opportunist, radical leftist Kamala Harris.”