Jeremiah Johnson Says COVID-19 Is a ‘Demonic Attack’ to Prevent Baby Boomers From Reelecting Trump

Self-proclaimed “prophet” Jeremiah Johnson appeared on the “Encounter Today” program Wednesday, where he declared that the COVID-19 virus is a “demonic attack” aimed at baby boomers to prevent the reelection of President Donald Trump.

Johnson has repeatedly claimed to have had a prophetic dream in which he was shown that baby boomers will be the key to Trump’s reelection and outlawing of abortion. Given that COVID-19 hospitalization and death rates are much higher for the elderly population than the general public, Johnson contends that the virus was sent to the United States in order to target this group and prevent them from voting for Trump in November.

“I actually believe that COVID-19 has come to the shores of America and specifically targeted [this] demographic,” Johnson said. “The elderly, they’re being wiped out in nursing homes. If you’re elderly, oftentimes you’re on a ventilator, all that stuff. I believe it’s a demonic attack trying to target a group of people that very well could be anointed by God himself to help Trump get reelected.”