Jeremiah Johnson: ‘The Future of America Belongs in the Hands of the Baby Boomers’

Televangelist Sid Roth invited 20 self-proclaimed “prophets” on to a recent episode of his television program to share what they are supposedly hearing from God about what to expect in the year 2020.

Among the “prophets” featured on the program was Jeremiah Johnson, who repeated his claim that God had told him that baby boomers will be the key to reelecting President Donald Trump in 2020.

“God has clearly spoken to me that the future of America belongs in the hands of the baby boomers,” Johnson said. “If you were born between 1946 and 1964, this is your year.”

Johnson reported that he had a prophetic dream in which Trump was running the Boston Marathon, but fell just before the finish line. As the crowd jeered, Johnson said that two elderly women—one using a cane and the other using a walker—emerged from the crowd, picked Trump up, and helped him finish the race.

“I believe in 2020, it’s time to help Donald Trump get reelected and finish the race,” Johnson said. “But the key is those two older women, those baby boomers, those intercessors. It’s time for the church to pray once again.”