Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Perfect Country

  • Glenn Beck hauled out his chalkboard and dedicated his entire television program last night to warning that the United States “will not survive” if former Obama administration officials do not go to prison over the bogus “Obamagate” scandal.
  • Carol Swain declares that you can “never trust a Democrat whistleblower” because “everything is staged to advance a single narrative.”
  • Jeremiah Johnson reports on a recent prophetic dream he had about Joe Biden.
  • Joseph Farah asserts that when you see President Donald Trump, “You see kindness. You see politeness. You see the hope for second chances, redemption and grace. Trump is often perceived as a bully by his critics. But that’s not true. He’s courteous, thoughtful, attentive, gentle and nice – even kind.”
  • James Robison proclaims that “God has used President Trump the last three-and-a-half years to make very positive course corrections. I am praying he and other elected representatives will receive and follow the wisdom God freely offers. After four years of personal conversation and prayer with President Trump, I am convinced he wants to hear and heed God’s wisdom.”
  • Finally, DeAnna Lorraine says that “the Founding Fathers designed America to be a perfect country … It’s all designed perfectly. We don’t need to fix what’s not broken.”