‘Prophet’ Jeremiah Johnson Prays That Good Things Happen As Trump’s ‘Grip Tightens on the Nation’

Today on “The Jim Bakker Show,” self-proclaimed “prophet” Jeremiah Johnson delivered a warning from God that the church must pray for President Trump as he tightens his “iron grasp” on America to ensure that he remains humble and can “fulfill the purposes of God in our nation.”

“I had another series of dreams recently about Donald Trump, about an iron grasp that he had on the liberal agenda in America,” Johnson said. “God was really gonna use him to squeeze out some things that needed to come out.”

“But also, it was a word of warning,” he added. “That grip was so tight that it worried some people. I felt like in the dream that maybe even pride could become a factor in the days ahead; that the church needs to be praying that the Lord has anointed Trump, he has given him kind of this authority in the nation, but sometimes when we grow successful, we can grow prideful. I just think that it’s real important that the church prays for Trump, that as his grip tightens on the nation, that good things come because of it.”

Johnson went on the declare that the president needs to be surrounded by “a Daniel company” of Christians who can “help Trump stay humble” and “make sure that he is really walking in godliness,” recounting an “encounter” he claims to have had in which he “saw a baby with the face of Donald Trump being taken into a nursery at a church.”

In the nursery, Johnson claimed that he saw an older woman rocking this “baby Donald Trump” while singing a song that said, “Donald, you have a crooked way in you, but through the intercession of the church, God is going to change you.”

“Yes, Donald Trump has been anointed by God,” Johnson said. “Yes, he has a role to play, but so does the church. That’s where the prophets, the intercessors, this Daniel company … is going to come around him to help fulfill the purposes of God in our nation.”