James Robison: ‘Melania, We Love You. Donald Trump, We Love You’

Right-wing pastor James Robison, who has been a key spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, called in to “The Mark Davis Show” on Friday, where he delivered a passionate defense of Trump and his family, and declared his love for the president and the first lady.

“In our conversations and in our times of prayer together, which they have been many – many, many, many – I have never—I am 76 years old, I have been close to four other presidents, I want to say this to you: never in my life have I seen a man more receptive to truth when it is delivered straight at him,” Robison declared. “I have never seen a man treat a mean media nicer than he does. Every time he walks out of the White House, he stands there and talks to a people committed to lynch him, to destroy him, and he’s courteous and polite to them.”

“When I have been in a room with him for hours, with others and by myself with him, writing with him, traveling with him, crying with him,” Robison continued. “This man is the greatest, most yielded individual to want to know the truth.”

“The President of the United States, in answer to the prayers of righteous, godly people is fighting for everything that matters to God, for us,” he added. “That is what he wants. I have heard him over and over and his family say, ‘We don’t care about ourselves. We want the best for the American people.’ That is what Eric wants, it’s what Don wants, it’s what Ivanka wants, and bless God, I’m confident it’s what Baron wants. And I guarantee you it’s what Melania wants. I pray everybody listening to me will get word to the White House, ‘Melania, you are beautiful, you are an inspiration, thank you for the way you love your husband and you love us and you love freedom.’ And how about tell her that the decorations in the White House right now are the most elegant, the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. Melania, we love you. Donald Trump, we love you.”