James Robison: Evangelical Leaders Advising Trump Is An Answer ‘to the Prayers of Jesus’

Right-wing pastor James Robison posted another video yesterday defending the unquestioning support that evangelical leaders have given to President Trump and declaring that their doing so is an answer to “the prayers of Jesus.”

“Only God can save this country,” Robison said, “and our current leader has asked for prayer. He has made it very specific, ‘Please pray for me.’ He’s said it to me and to my wife. ‘Surround me with prayer and surround me with wisdom.'”

Robison said that God has responded to their prayers and surrounded Trump with wise Christian leaders, all of whom marvel at the president’s ability to try to do what is best for America in the face of relentless attacks.

“I’ve never seen anyone so assaulted and so attacked,” he said. “Every minister that I have talked to, every person who is sensitive to what is going on says, ‘I have never seen anybody attacked like that.’ I don’t know how he gets out of bed, I don’t know how he faces the day. He had a very nice life for he and his family to do what they wanted to do. What’s he doing this for? I believe it’s an answer to prayer.”

“The reason all the ministers and leaders that I know are part of a counsel of wisdom to just try to speak truth and encourage prayer,” Robison added, “is an answer to the prayers of many people and the prayers of Jesus that the family be one with the Father and with one another … Jesus prayed that; I’m glimpsing it, I’m seeing it.”