Infowars Hosted A ’14 Words’-Reciting White Nationalist

Faith Goldy, a white nationalist activist “journalist,” appeared on Infowars after anti-fascist protesters surrounded her at an event and knocked her phone out of her hand. Infowars, of course, never bothered to mention her extremist beliefs.

Over the weekend, Goldy went to a right-wing protest at the Quebec border at which antifascism counter-protesters surrounded her and knocked the cell phone she was using to record the encounter out of her hand. Infowars and other right-wing outlets have been able to build significant followings by pushing stories about violent anti-fascism protesters who supposedly terrorize all people who hold conservative views, so some outlets have booked Goldy to recap the violent encounter for their audiences. But none of the outlets featuring Goldy, such as Infowars, bother to mention her white nationalist beliefs and her resulting inflammatory rhetoric.

Goldy is a red-pill overdose victim who was fired from Rebel Media after she appeared on a podcast associated with the neo-Nazi blog Daily Stormer after she attended the alt-right “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year where counter-protester Heather Heyer was murdered. She has sworn-off so-called “civic nationalism” in favor of white supremacist “ethnonationalism” because “there is still a white majority” in the United States and she believes the government should work to maintain it. Last year, Goldy happily recited the “14 words,” the world’s most famous white supremacist slogan, and said she didn’t think it was controversial. Goldy is a semi-regular guest on white nationalist radio station Red Ice and was recently banned from crowdfunding site Patreon for violating its guidelines against hate speech.

Yesterday, Goldy appeared on the Infowars program “War Room” with host Owen Shroyer, where she faulted police on the scene for not properly defending her from detractors and claimed that she would be investigating possible charges to file. Goldy also acted surprised that protesters called her a “Nazi” and “fascist,” calling those people “out of touch.”

“Somebody just needs to knock these people out. I mean, that honestly is what this comes down to,” Shroyer responded. “They probably never had anybody stand up to them. They never had anybody sock them in the face, where they have to go home with a bloody nose and wonder what they just did.”

Shroyer told Goldy that she was “actually enjoyable to watch” because “you’re entertaining, you’re smart, you’re nice to look at.”