Infowars Host: ‘Civil War Is Inevitable’ If Liberals ‘Continue To Exist’

Owen Shroyer, a radio host at the conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, warned listeners yesterday that he believes “civil war is inevitable” unless liberals reckon with “their own mental issues.”

During his “War Room” program yesterday, Shroyer said that his audience was right that “we have to bury [liberals] politically and culturally.” He added that as long as liberals “continue to exist,” they will “destroy this country” and “destroy this culture.”

“These people are such phonies. I’m sorry. I hate saying stuff like this. I have to do it. It’s my job,” Shroyer said. He continued, “I have to tell you, unless the left comes to grips with reality, unless the left comes to terms with their own mental issues—I mean honestly folks, I hate saying this. I really don’t want to say this.”

After all that apologizing, Shroyer said, “I just feel like civil war is inevitable. I’m not going to sacrifice my country to avoid civil war. I’m not going to sacrifice my future. I mean, it’s just insane.”