Infowars Host Speculates ‘Fake News’ And Mental Illness May Be To Blame For Austin Bombings

Owen Shroyer, host of “War Room” on Alex Jones’ Infowars, speculated last night that medications prescribed to people with mental illnesses, paired with “all the fake news that they’ve got to deal with,” may explain a series of bombings that have killed two people and injured four in Austin, Texas.

While streaming video live last night at a media staging area a couple blocks away from the site of the most recent explosion, Shroyer listed a handful of factors that he believed could be behind the series of bombings. One possible explanation Shroyer put forward was that the person or group responsible for the bombs may be suffering from mental health issues.

“People want to talk about the gun issue all day long, but isn’t it a mental health issue? I mean, isn’t it a mental health issue that leads someone to bomb people? To bomb innocent people? To want kill and maim with an explosive device and want to trick people like that?” he said.

After urging viewers to reach out to people in their lives who may be mentally unwell, Shroyer suggested that prescription medications and “fake news” may be making people in the United States “insane.”

“You’ve just got to wonder with all this stuff going on if this doesn’t all come back down to a mental health issue with people in this country just going insane—all the drugs that they’re on and everything, and then all the fake news that they’ve got to deal with, too. I mean, it’s a real thing,” Shroyer said. “It’s a real thing.”