Faith Goldy Took Too Many Red Pills

Faith Goldy explains her coverage of the Unite the Right rally while working for The Rebel Media. (Screenshot/

Since being fired from her job as a reporter for right-wing outlet The Rebel Media, Faith Goldy has been openly expressing political views that have increasingly toed the line between alt-right and New Right ideologies.

Goldy’s political commentary has always been unabashedly right-wing, featuring strong anti-immigrant themes and critiques of how liberals react to terrorism. But beginning in August, when Goldy defied her company and attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, her tone has shifted closer to the fringe right.

Goldy released a statement after the rally in which she said she was heartbroken “that a young woman left her house on Saturday morning and will never return.” She also sniped at people who criticized her coverage of the Charlottesville rally, stating that “just because you label everyone you disagree with ‘a Nazi’— doesn’t make it the truth.”

Later, it was revealed that Goldy had appeared on a podcast called “The Krypto Report” that is associated with the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. The Rebel Media’s owner Ezra Levant fired her and issued a statement saying that although Rebel Media is a “second chance” company, the Daily Stormer podcast “was just too far.”

Since that incident, Goldy has been more explicit than ever about her sympathies for policies the alt-right promotes and has appeared to adopt the movement’s talking points and vocabulary while fighting her crusade against multiculturalism.

In one recent tweet, Goldy claimed that Confederate statues are being replaced “because people are being replaced.” This narrative is sourced in the “white genocide” conspiracy theory, which was on full display in chants heard at Unite the Right declaring that the white attendees “will not be replaced”:

Goldy also pondered why the Western world traded “alphas for beta cucks steeped in counterfeit feminism,” which is a rapid-fire list of vocabulary words used by alt-right circles to attack liberals:

She also said that politicians who claim that “diversity is our strength” are “part of the problem” of terror attacks, another alt-right capstone:

Goldy also claimed “the future is far-right”:

Despite Goldy’s pivot further to the right and her appearance on a Daily Stormer podcast, some media personalities who align themselves with the New Right movement have seemed reluctant to distance themselves from Goldy.

Popular video blogger and conservative activist Lauren Southern hosted Goldy on her YouTube channel after Charlottesville and still shares Goldy’s content with her followers. In one video after Goldy’s dismissal from Rebel Media, where Southern also worked, Southern told Goldy that she would help her learn how to produce her own videos so she could be “totally unfiltered” in a career as an independent journalist if Goldy chose to pursue that route.

Goldy has also been publicly affiliating with James Allsup, who also attended Unite the Right and uses his popular platform on YouTube to express sympathies for the alt-right and spread insane conspiracy theories. Allsup recently declined to disavow the anti-Semitism of Richard Spencer and Unite the Right when pressed.

It’s unclear what Goldy’s next move will be, whether she goes independent or finds a publisher willing to overlook her conduct in Charlottesville. What is clear, however, is that Goldy’s politics are swerving toward the extreme right.