GOP Elizabeth Warren Opponent Tells Infowars She’s ‘Off Her Rocker’

Shiva Ayyadurai, a man who dubiously claims to have invented email and is now running as a Republican in the hopes of unseating Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, called into “The Alex Jones Show” over the weekend to declare that his victory in the race could help President Trump defeat the “global elite” and to call Warren “off her rocker” and “unhinged.”

Ayyadurai spoke with Owen Shroyer, who was guest-hosting Jones’ bonkers conspiracy-theory-promoting program, telling him that Warren’s criticism of Trump and of Republican healthcare plans are signs of mental unbalance.

“I really wonder if everything’s okay in her mind,” he said, “because if you read her attacks, it’s all about spending money, ranting on what we are or we’re not doing against the Russians and the use of allegory, which is about blood and etc., so I think the women is actually off her rocker and is becoming unhinged, which is a good thing for us.”

Shroyer told Ayyadurai that in his book, he was “president of the United States material” and seemed especially taken with Ayyadurai’s anti-GMO stance.