How To Be a Prophet the Jim Bakker Way

End Times pastor Jim Bakker used his show yesterday to claim that the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic was the fulfillment of a prophecy he had foreseen and foretold months earlier.

During Bakker’s special “Prophetic New Year’s Celebration” event at his Morningside USA facility in Missouri on New Year’s Eve, which subsequently aired on several episodes of his television program in January, he made a vague prophecy that God’s judgment was going to be poured out on the world and that unspecified destruction would strike everywhere from New York City to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Bakker never provided any details about what form this judgment would take, other than to say that Tel Aviv would suffer some sort of attack akin to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in America.

At the time, we noted that Bakker’s “prophecy” was so vague that if anything happened anywhere in the world, Bakker would immediately claim it to be the fulfillment of his prophecy. And that is exactly what Bakker is now doing, as he used his show yesterday to claim that the coronavirus was the judgment that he had foreseen and foretold.

“On New Year’s Eve,” Bakker said, “I talked about [how] this would become a worldwide event. God just pushed it on me and said, ‘Make sure you tell the people there’s a worldwide event that’s coming this year.'”

Bakker said that he had to re-watch his own sermon because he didn’t even remember what he said since he was “under the anointing” of God when he delivered it, adding that he was shocked by how accurate it was.

“This is from God,” Bakker said. “God told me things to say, and I believe this is the most important message at this time that I’ve ever preached.”

Bakker then reiterated his recent warning that conservative Christian leaders will be killed for defending the Bible.

“The next attack from the left is going to be to right leaders—some of them I can tell you their names, they’re famous, you know them—they are going to do everything to get them off the air, but there is going to be assassinations of preachers who dare to preach the Gospel,” Bakker said. “God has dealt with me for years that one of the End Times things was going to be the assassination of preachers.”