God Reportedly Told Jim Bakker That ‘People Are Going to Kill Preachers Who Believe in the Bible’

On his television program today, End Times pastor Jim Bakker claimed that he is being persecuted because he supports President Donald Trump and reported that he was told by God that conservative Christian pastors will soon be killed for standing up for the Bible.

As we reported yesterday, Bakker is currently facing a dire financial situation because credit card processors have cut off his ministry in the wake of legal problems created by a February program in which Bakker and his guest promoted a silver solution sold by his network as a cure for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“We supported the president, and so they want to destroy me,” Bakker said. “God spoke to me a year ago or more that the next thing that’s going to happen is that people are going to kill preachers who believe in the Bible, that believe the whole Bible is the truth.”

Bakker warned that the day will soon come in which anyone who preaches against reproductive rights or marriage equality is “going to be eliminated.”

“I’m very serious [about] it,” he said. “I know what’s coming. I know what the Spirit of God is saying.”

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