Jim Bakker Warns That God’s Judgment Will Soon Fall on Several Cities

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker used his television program today to issue a vague but dire warning that God’s judgment will be coming to cities around the world.

Today’s broadcast, which was filmed on New Year’s Eve, featured a tuxedo-clad Bakker reluctantly delivering a prophetic warning that he said he received from God regarding unspecified destruction that will soon strike everywhere from New York City to Tel Aviv, Israel.

“Pray for your city, pray for your town, pray where you live,” Bakker warned. “Some cities and states that I am going to mention could still be saved if they repent, if they have revival. God would hear from Heaven if cities would turn from their wicked ways, but there are cities that have cursed God. I don’t understand it all.”

Bakker then listed New York City and Long Island in New York, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Ana in California, New Orleans, Louisiana, Washington, D.C., Bangkok, Thailand, Tel Aviv, Israel, and unnamed “North New Jersey Towns” as places that should prepare themselves to suffer the wrath of God.

“I know I’m not wrong,” Bakker said.

Bakker provided no details about when such judgment would fall, what form it would take, or why these particular places would be the targets, but rest assured that if anything happens in any of these places at any point in the future, Bakker will immediately claim it to be the fulfillment of his prophecy.

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