Hank Kunneman: Trump Is ‘A Man Of War’ For God’s Agenda

Hank Kunneman, a right-wing pastor who runs One Voice Ministries in Omaha, Nebraska, and claims to be known “for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches,” delivered a sermon on Sunday in which he ripped Christians who cannot see that President Trump is “a man of war” fighting to promote God’s agenda.

Kunneman was outraged that his friends and fellow Religious Right activists like Harry Jackson, Alveda King, and others were being criticized for meeting with Trump at the White House last week, insisting that Trump is a Christian who reads his Bible and is being used by God to fight marriage equality and abortion.

“God spoke to me about him,” Kunneman said. “He said, ‘Hank, he’s a work in progress.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘He’s working at some things that you know not of and some is none of your business and he’s progressing.’ I said, ‘He’s progressing?’ He said, ‘That’s right. I know the heart, you don’t.'”

Kunneman went on to claim that God had told him that opposition to Trump would remain through the 2020 election, but then “things will begin to shift, things will begin to change.”

“[God] said, ‘As David was a man of war, so there are certain things that is on this president that I’m requiring,'” he said. “This president has been called and appointed by God—whether you like it, whether you agree with it—to be at war with some of these cultural things like its okay to have man with man, woman with woman; it’s okay, they say, to push God out of our schools.”

“You forgot what we almost got elected in this land,” Kunneman continued. “And I’m going to say it for the record whether you like it or not—you don’t have to come here, you don’t have to listen to me, you can turn me off right now—if we would have had the woman running for president, she’s on record on what her thought was, on what her agenda was concerning you and I called the church. She’s on record on what she thinks about abortion, it would have continued and it would have gotten a lot more gruesome and worse and she would have allowed your tax money to fund it!”

Kunneman told his congregation that they had “better be grateful for that fact” that Trump had been elected because this nation now has “someone who is a friend of the church” in the White House.