Hank Kunneman: Legal Abortion Gives Demonic Spirits the ‘Blood Right’ to Carry Out School Shootings in America

On Wednesday night, right-wing pastors Hank and Brenda Kunneman of One Voice Ministries in Omaha, Nebraska, held a special “Prophetic Pulse” conference call, during which they warned God will hold America accountable for electing pro-choice legislators and said that legal abortion has given demonic spirits the “blood right” to carry out school shootings in this country.

“God is going to hold us accountable when we are electing people into office that are pro-choice,” said Brenda Kunneman. “We have got to look at ourselves and what we’re allowing to have liberty in the nation that is a hindrance to the Gospel.”

“Blood and spirit go together,” Hank Kunneman added. “This is why witches use animal sacrifices, they use human sacrifices because it draws a spirit as a medium to carry out certain agendas. The enemy now, since the legalizing of abortion in our land, has carried out the agenda of Hell and has released spirits over our land. This is why there is such a fight right now on our land, who is going to get the blood right of the United States of America?”

“If we are … shedding innocent blood through abortion and legalizing it and voting people in, it is furthering the agenda of the demonic blood right for those spirits then to rule over our land and take prayer out of the schools, bring violence to our schools,” he said. “It used to be prayers in school, now it’s bullets. We have people who are confused in their gender identity; it has released a whole lot of Pandora’s box.”

“You who vote these people in need to do a heart check,” Hank Kunneman continued. “Are you on the Lord’s side? Do you really understand that you are hindering God’s agenda? You are furthering through a legal blood right of the shedding of innocent blood in the womb the furthering of the demonic agenda of Hell to destroy this nation. And these politicians who are bent on liberalism and evil, they don’t care about the church, they don’t care about the life of a child in the womb, and they don’t care about the future of America.”