Pro-Trump Prophet: God Chose Trump To Establish A ‘Blood Right’ To Allow The Church To Rule America

During the recent episode of the “It’s Supernatural” program in which host Sid Roth interviewed several “prophets” about what to expect in 2018, Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries in Omaha, Nebraska, declared that the election of President Trump was a divine work of God intended to establish a “blood right” so that the glory of God can spread across the nation.

After Roth asserted that Trump has been forgiven for the things he did “before he was a believer in Jesus,” Kunneman, who claims that he is “known for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches,” explained that it is no coincidence that God chose Trump to be president because he is from New York.

“That is why we have a president, right now, from New York,” he said. “It’s no coincidence. People, you can hate it if you want, but you are going to go against certain things that God has chosen to put His hand on.”

“New York City, the reason why—9/11, our nation was pierced, this nation has never been the same, the nations of the earth have never been the same, God is trying to re-establish a blood right,” Kunneman said. “It’s no coincidence the president is from New York, that is where the towers fell. He also is part of Trump Tower—the towers fell. He is part of world trade—the World Trade Center. God is revisiting this nation to establish a blood right. Who ever gets the blood right gets the legal right to rule.”

“Why do we have rights as Christians to bind and loose?” he asked. “Because of the blood right that Jesus provided.”

“This is more than just about who’s president, it’s about a blood right being established by God so that His glory can come,” Kunneman declared. “The enemy was working real hard to get the blood right, that is why it wants to keep aborting children, that is why it wants to continue its agenda so that it has the legal right to rule and to push the church out. God is coming. Nobody is going to remove His church.”