We Were Promised a Red Tsunami

In the weeks leading up to the midterm elections, the polling largely suggested that Democrats were likely to win control of the House of Representatives while Republicans were poised to retain control of the Senate and even pick up a few additional seats.

Of course, right-wing MAGA activists rejected that conventional wisdom, which turned out largely to be correct, in favor of an alternate reality in which the country would be swept over by a “red tsumani” propelled by President Trump’s sheer magnificence and the hand of God himself.

For instance, Trump-loving commentator Bill Mitchell tweeted endlessly about a coming “red wave” and repeatedly guaranteed that the GOP would retain control of the House:

Likewise, right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root repeatedly declared that “a red wave is coming” and even bragged that he was the only one who “had the BALLS” to predict that “the GOP will hold the House.”

Mitchell and Root were not alone:

“Coming soon to a polling station near you,” Zilinsky predicted. “We are gonna have a red tsunami. You can take that to the bank.”

“We’re going to continue to see things go red,” promised Leigh Valentine. “Things are going to be red, red, red. I call it for the blood of Jesus.”

“Mark my words,” declared Chris McDonald. “It’s going to be a red wave in [November] and it’s a tsunami at that.”

“The midterms, I believe it is going to be a red tsunami,” said Mark Taylor.

“I hope [the Democrats] keep on the track that they’re doing because this going to ensure us a red tsunami,” Taylor insisted. “Not a red wave. A red tsunami.”

“I believe, regardless of what the polls have to say,” declared Andrew Wommak,” I believe that we are going to see a red wave.”

“God said, ‘Again, in the midterm elections, that map will be turned red, because I did not invest myself in Trump, putting him in office only to have halfway through the term, everything taken away. That will not happen,'” prophesied Kat Kerr.

“They’re looking at possibly the House changing, needing 24 states, the Senate changing and I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think the House stays,” predicted David Barton on his “WallBuilders Live” radio program.

“I’m going to stick my neck out and make a prediction,” said Stephen Strang on his podcast. “I believe that there will be a red wave and that Republicans will keep both the House and the Senate.”

“I can tell you right now,” predicted Rick Joyner on Facebook, “there will be a red wave in the midterms … It’s going to be a red wave.”