E.W. Jackson Says Democrats Are ‘Religious Bigots’ Who ‘Hate God’

Right-wing radio host and pastor E.W. Jackson used his “The Awakening” radio program Monday to rail against Democrats for supposedly imposing an unconstitutional religious test on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Jackson, who was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia in 2013, took a call from a listener who wanted to know why Senate Democrats are not being censured for their allegedly unconstitutional attacks on Barrett. Ignoring the fact that hearings on her nomination have not even begun, Jackson insisted that Democrats are attacking Barrett because they are “religious bigots” who “hate God.”

“Why do Republicans put up with so much?” Jackson wondered. “Why don’t they speak up more forcefully when it is clear that the Democrats are behaving unconstitutionally, and that they’re doing things that should not be acceptable under any circumstances? And yet, often what you get is silence.”

“I think we just got to get people in the Senate and in Congress who are courageous enough to call them out when they do it,” he continued. “Somebody needs to say, ‘You all are religious bigots. For some reason, you decided that you have it in for Christianity, you have it in for people who are actual believers and whose faith informs their understanding of life. You hate that.'”

“We just might as well say it this way: These people hate God,” Jackson declared. “They really do. They hate God. We all know spiritually that that’s what’s going on here. And they can’t hurt God, so they try to hurt the people who in any way are associated with or represent him.”

“Why don’t more Republicans, why doesn’t the Senate as an institution clamp down on that and say, ‘Look, you will not attack people in this venerable institution based on their religion’?” Jackson griped. “It would be a breath of fresh air.”

Last year, Jackson called on Senate Republicans to refuse to confirm one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees because the nominee is gay, and according to Jackson, gay people “can’t be fair and objective because they’ve got an agenda that is preeminent in their lives, and in their minds, and in their hearts, and in their behavior, and in their activity.”

This is also the same E.W. Jackson who railed against the House of Representatives for allowing a Muslim imam to “pronounce curses” on the United States by delivering the opening prayer and declared that “electing [Muslims] to Congress and electing them to office is just beyond the pale.”