E.W. Jackson: Democrats Would Gladly Be ‘The Devil’s Chief Lieutenants’

A few weeks ago, Religious Right radio host E.W. Jackson made news when he declared that he was vehemently opposed to a Democratic plan to eliminate a rule banning the wearing of religious headwear on the floor of the House of Representatives in order to accommodate Ilhan Omar, a Muslim woman who wears a religious headscarf and who was recently elected to Congress.

Since then, Jackson has repeatedly defended his comments on his daily radio program while complaining that he is being painted as a bigot simply for insisting that America was founded as, and should remain, a “Judeo-Christian nation.”

He returned to the subject on Monday’s program, during which he asserted that Democrats would be willing turn America into “a satanic nation” as long as they got to remain in charge.

“We’re not an atheistic nation, we’re not a Buddhist nation, we’re not a Hindu nation, we’re not a Muslim nation, we are a Judeo-Christian nation and our culture is predominantly Christian,” Jackson said. “Now, this woman who just got elected to Congress said, ‘Deal’ No, you deal! You deal with the fact that this is a Bible-believing, Judeo-Christian nation. You deal with that!”

Jackson fumed that the floor of Congress “is going to look like an Islamic republic if Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts have their way.”

“I don’t think they care what it looks like, as long as they stay in power,” he added. “I think they’d be just as happy if America was an atheist nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation—listen folks, I mean this, I believe that Democrats and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would just as soon this be a satanic nation, as long as they’re in charge of it. Now I mean that. I think that’s how obsessed with power they are, that they wouldn’t care if everybody worshiped the devil, as long as they were in charge, as long as they were the devil’s chief lieutenants, that’s OK with them.”

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