E.W. Jackson Opposes Trump Judicial Nominee Because Gay People Cannot Be Fair and Objective

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson dedicated his entire “The Awakening” radio program yesterday to urging his listeners to call their senators and urge them to oppose one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees simply because the nominee is gay.

While progressive groups have opposed the nomination of Patrick Bumatay to be a United States judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals due to concerns about his lack of experience, his record, and his views about civil rights and the treatment of undocumented immigrants, Jackson opposes Bumatay because he claims that gay people are incapable of being fair and objective judges.

“How this nomination got by President Trump, I do not know,” Jackson said. “This guy is a complete and a total activist who has an agenda to further the cause of normalizing and legalizing, in the civil sense, homosexuality in our country. We don’t need that kind of person as an appeals court judge.”

“This guy is bad, bad news,” Jackson continued. “He is a homosexual activist … and he brings this into his legal practice. Folks, we don’t need judges who have an ideological agenda to use the bench to transform the culture into something they think it should be, contrary to everything we’ve ever stood for.”

“I don’t think there is any legal reason why he can’t serve,” Jackson admitted. “What I’m bringing up are what I consider to be social and political reasons why this man cannot serve.”

“His nomination needs to be quashed,” Jackson added, “and it is my hope that it will either be withdrawn or it will be defeated by a vote in the United States Senate.”

Jackson, who was the Republican Party nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia in 2013 and unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2018, warned that if Bumatay’s nomination is not defeated, he may one day be nominated to the Supreme Court, which would be a disaster because, as a gay person, he could use the court to impose LGBT tyranny on the nation.

“There is a tremendous opportunity there for judicial tyranny when people take that job because they’ve got some agenda other than the implementation of the law and the Constitution in a fair and objective way,” Jackson warned. “I’m convinced that these folks, because that’s their agenda, they can’t be fair and objective because they’ve got an agenda that is preeminent in their lives, and in their minds, and in their hearts, and in their behavior, and in their activity.”