E.W. Jackson Is ‘Not the Least Bit Worried’ About Democrats Taking Control of Virginia

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson posted a video on his Facebook page last week in which he warned that if Democrats were able to gain control of the legislature in Virginia in the upcoming elections, they would use the power of the government to persecute the church and turn Virginia into a perverse police state.

Christians, Jackson said, must come out in droves to vote for Republicans in order to ensure that “Virginia remains free from the 21st century socialist slave masters.”

On Tuesday, Jackson’s nightmare came true as voters handed Democrats control of the state government, but Jackson insisted on his radio program Wednesday that he is not worried in the slightest about the results because he knows that “we are right and they are wrong and, ultimately, we will win.”

“I know if you’re listening to or watching the news, you’re thinking, ‘Bishop Jackson is going to be sad today because Virginia lost both the House and the Senate to a bunch of leftists,'” Jackson said. “You probably were looking for the sadness in my voice. Well, you know what, folks? I refuse to be sad, I refuse to be discouraged because I’m a child of God and I know that ultimately, we are right and they are wrong and, ultimately, we will win. If it takes Jesus coming back, we will win, so I am not the least bit worried.”

If Jackson is so unconcerned about Democrats taking control of the reins of government in Virginia, then why did he release a video frantically warning Christians that they must “treat Nov. 5 like D-Day” because the election was a matter of “life or death for your church”?

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