E.W. Jackson: ‘The Devil Makes Homosexuals, Not God’

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson dedicated the bulk of his radio program yesterday to attacking Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg for being gay and calling himself a Christian. Jackson declared that Buttigieg is “no different than a temple prostitute.”

Jackson fumed that Buttigieg “is trying to bring homosexuality into the church of God” and cited a passage from 2 Kings in which Josiah tore down temples that had been corrupted by pagan worship.

“They actually had homosexual sex in the temple of God, claiming that they were doing this as an act of worship of God,” Jackson said. “That’s exactly what Pete Buttigieg has just said when he says that his relationship with a man married to another man has drawn him closer to God. He’s no different than a temple prostitute; spiritually, it’s no different.”

After declaring that Buttigieg and all gays “are going to die and go to hell,” Jackson got very worked up over Buttigieg’s statement that those who have a problem with his sexuality can take the issue up with God.

“What Pete Buttigieg said was not only a lie out of the pit of hell, it was a direct blasphemy against God,” Jackson ranted. “He’s giving credit to God for a work of the devil. The devil makes homosexuals, not God. The devil makes transgenders, not God. He perverts their minds and perverts their thinking and, who knows, he maybe even messes with them physiologically. They get molested at a young age and confused in their sexuality and then everybody is now expected to celebrate it.”