Michael Brown: The Rise of Radical Feminism and Witchcraft Indicative of Demonic War in America

Anti-LGBTQ author and radio host Dr. Michael Brown appeared on Life Today with James & Betty Robison to advertise his new book, “Jezebel’s War in America.” Brown asserted that a “rise in idolatry,” “the spirit of baby killing,” “porn,” and the “rise in radical feminism” are signs that a demonic Jezebel spirit is at war with America.

Brown started off by stating that “witchcraft’s trying to attack the president. Jezebel’s trying to attack the president.” Brown clarified that these “attacks” were reminiscent of the story of Jezebel in the Bible, insisting that he’s not “one of these conspiracy guys,” but rather that this connection was made for him by the Holy Spirit.

Brown gave numerous examples of Jezebel’s supposed influence in America such as the rise of witchcraft and radical feminism. Brown stated that “the rise of radical feminism is not something healthy that says treat women with respect and honor and equal pay for a woman doing the same job. No, radical feminists are emasculating male authority and then the rise of witchcraft and sorcery reports that there are more witches right now in American than Presbyterians.”

“It’s almost like the culture drank some sort of spiritual Kool-Aid and is coming to a spirit of delusion, that the things that are so bizarre and so evidently wrong and so evidently harmful get celebrated,” said Brown. “You think, where’s this coming from? How do we get to a point where you have to fight against drag queens reading to toddlers in school libraries, and if you stand against it, you’re some kind of bigot.”

Before ending this tirade, Brown reminded the audience that “demons are real” and that “the same spirit” that was at work in the Old Testament is “at work today” in America.