Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Why Strom Thurmond Became A Republican

  • The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue insists that Catholics are not over-represented on the Supreme Court: “They are approximately 25 percent of the population and make up slightly more than half of the Supreme Court.”
  • The American Family Association is mad that President Trump didn’t nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court because Democrats would have stonewalled her nomination, which would have mobilized conservatives to vote in the midterm elections.
  • Right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton explains why former Sen. Strom Thurmond switched parties: “He was a Democrat, he ran as a racist, he became a Republican when his views on race changed.”
  • Oliver Lane, who works at for Breitbart’s London bureau, is aghast that anti-Trump protesters in the United Kingdom mocked Trump’s overdone spray tan: “Why is it OK to launch a 20-foot blimp making fun of the president’s skin color? Surely that wouldn’t have been acceptable if it were Barack Obama.”
  • After a weeks of lectures from the right about the need for “civility” in our political discourse, right-wing pundits are suggesting that Peter Strzok is demonically possessed.
  • Finally, right-wing radio host Michael Brown believes that there is a lot that Christians can learn from Trump: “President Trump sets an example of strength, whether you love him or loathe him, and that’s why so many have rallied around him.”