Michael Brown: If Trump Is Dangerously Unhinged, You Must Vote Republican

In his latest column, Religious Right activist, radio host, and columnist Michael Brown argues that if the various reports that President Trump is dangerously erratic, reckless, and uniformed are true, that is all the more reason for conservative Christians to vote Republican in the upcoming midterm elections.

As Brown sees it, if the reports contained in Bob Woodward’s new book and the recent anonymous New York Times op-ed that Trump is growing increasingly unpredictable and unhinged are true, then it is more important than ever for Christian voters to ignore “the drama” and vote to send more Republicans to Washington, D.C., so that Trump will be surrounded by “good men and women, people of principle and character and conviction who share his values, [who] can help forestall a feared collapse.”

Despite the fact that Republicans have done literally nothing to rein in, rebuke, or restrain Trump in any way during his first two years in office, Brown thinks it is vital to send more of them to Congress so that they can continue to enact the Religious Right’s agenda while hopefully preventing Trump from having a complete and total meltdown:

[I]f we choose not to vote, we will not thereby bring about any change in the man, Donald Trump, himself. How, then, does our non-vote help?

Second, we must remember who wants us to stay home.

It is militant pro-abortionists who despise the pro-life movement. It is unashamed socialists who see capitalism as the enemy. It is sexual revolutionaries who abhor our biblical values. It is the deeply biased “masters of the universe” who want to suppress our voices online and in the public square. It is the left-wing media, already forecasting the inevitable blue wave.

Who will be smiling if conservatives, by the millions, decide not to vote in November?

Third, if Republicans lose the House (or, even more significantly, the Senate), this would only plunge our nation into greater turmoil and conflict. How in the world will this make things better?

Talk about chaos. The next two years would likely be chaos personified.

Put another way, if you’re genuinely concerned that President Trump is about to explode (or implode), by not voting (or by voting Democrat), you are doing nothing to stop this explosion (or implosion).

Conversely, if you can surround the president with good men and women, people of principle and character and conviction who share his values, you can help forestall a feared collapse … If you put aside the daily scandals and controversies and accusations (from the Mueller investigation to the payment of porn stars to the latest tell-all book)—in short, if you put away the drama—it’s clear that President Trump has accomplished a lot that is good.

The midterm elections are about saying, “Let that good continue!”

Why in the world would you want to stay home?