Dominionists Say Crises​ and Trump’s Reelection​ Will Set Stage for Church to Take Greater Authority

Lance Wallnau talking about Seven Mountains Dominionism at the 2018 Values Voter Summit (Photo by Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Lance Wallnau, a proponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism and a prominent “prophetic” supporter of President Donald Trump, used a Pentecost Sunday webcast May 31 to urge Christian leaders to work ​to reelect Trump and to prepare to take greater governing authority in the world.

Wallnau and other dominionists argue that the “shaking” that the United States has experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout—in addition to the the unrest in many cities following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police—are being used by God as a divine “reset,” setting the stage for conservative Christians to take new levels of power and authority in government, business, and other spheres of influence in society.

Before the 2016 election, Wallnau declared that Trump was divinely anointed as “God’s Chaos Candidate.” Since then​, he has been a vocal defender of Trump and has been rewarded with insider access at the White House. Wallnau is part of the leadership of POTUS Shield, a network of dominionists organized to support Trump’s presidency and help bring about the “prophetic order of the United States.”

While many conservative Christian leaders said in recent weeks that Pentecost Sunday this year would spark a global spiritual revival and an End Times “billion-soul harvest”—along with new power—Wallnau said Sunday that the church’s focus at this moment should not be winning individual conversions but fulfilling a biblical mandate to “disciple nations.”

Wallnau said Christians focus on winning souls because they aren’t used to having governmental authority​ and think, for example, that it’s a big deal to get invited to the​ president’s inauguration or the White House. “That’s a big deal for the average Christian, but from Heaven’s perspective​—the kingdom of God and the king of the universe—we should be administrating. Jesus was promised nations for his inheritance​,” ​he said.

Government and the church are “both receiving a prophetic infusion and visitation right now,” because “governments ​in​ the ​Earth are supposed to be under of government of Jesus,” Wallnau told the 20,000 people he said were listening online.

Trump’s reelection is essential,  Wallnau and other speakers said. Trump is “taking on the devil everywhere he meets him,” often fighting battles that preachers should have been leading, Wallnau said.

California-based evangelist Mario Murillo​ also described the upcoming election in terms of spiritual warfare, saying, “I believe that one thing that Satan needs is for Trump not to be reelected,” he said. “I think that’s the game changer.”

Trump is “a disruptive force that God has sent at this hour,” Murillo ​said. He added that “the tipping point of all of this is when pastors are in the American pulpit openly telling their people to vote for Donald Trump.”

Dominionist author Robert Henderson​ repeated his claim that God told him to be Trump’s spiritual running mate “because I need for him to be president for eight years to accomplish what I’ve set him to do.”​

Wallnau talked about how the 2016 election hinged on a tiny percentage of people in battleground states shifting the electoral college and putting “a reforming wrecking ball into office.” And he said this year’s election is a battle over the future of America and whether or not the U.S. can “maintain a global order” and defend the freedom of the church worldwide.

And it’s not just about getting Trump reelected. Wallnau said local churches have to “step up into the apostolic dimension” of their authority. “You can’t just pray for, you know, pray for a mayor to rise up now.” People have to understand that “those mayors are working for or against the kingdom of God,” Wallnau said. “From this day forward, politicians are either aligned for or against the kingdom of God.”

Wallnau said God is telling his people to make United States their “project” and warned that religious freedom is at stake in November’s election:

Because you could have people that get saved, and you can have a whole move of God with a bunch of people getting saved—I don’t think Christians think this thing through—and then if they’re politically agnostic, if they are uninformed, you can have Nero come to power or the Third Reich for that matter, and your revival becomes a very short-lived fantasy. Because following that move of the Spirit, you’re going to have a crushing suppression of everybody’s religious liberty. That is so close. We’re only months away from it … The church must rise up and be a governing force.

There’s a major global component to the effort of dominionists to “disciple” and “transform” nations. Mario Bramnick, who travels the world as head of the Latino Coalition for Israel, also spoke on Sunday night’s webcast. He said that Latin American presidents are scared​ but that God is using the “shaking” to bring government leaders “to their knees.” He said that he, Wallnau, and Cindy Jacobs would be meeting soon with 70 legislators from various nations to “tell them the prophetic word of the Lord.” Jacobs is a leader in the New Apostolic Reformation, a network of modern-day “apostles” and “prophets” who seek to “transform” Christianity and nations.

Wallnau said he has heads of state and legislators from multiple countries calling to ask what God is saying in these times. “Could it be that God is calling us into a greater kingdom expression of the power of the age to come than we thought?”​ he added.

Bramnick said his greatest fear at the moment is not a rebound in the coronavirus​ but that the church would go back to business as usual rather than seizing the moment. He called the consequences of the pandemic an “End Time birth pain for the coming of the Messiah” and said “it’s time for the church to arise and focus on the reformation of nations.”

Wallnau also used the webcast to promote “As One,” a gathering his ministry will host at Trump’s hotel in Washington, D.C.​, the weekend before the November elections. “If Republicans lose the 2020 election, the gains we have made over the last 4 years under President Trump will be in jeopardy – the Supreme Court, the sanctity of life, religious liberty, strong economic growth, record low unemployment, a secure border, and much more hang in the balance,” the event’s website claims. “The 2020 election will determine what it means to be an American. It will be a public referendum on the ideas that govern this country… and the enemies of America will stop at nothing to steal this election and overthrow the will of the people.”

The $250 ticket for the ​”As One” rally​ does not include a Friday night gala, which has already sold out.