Lance Wallnau: The Prayers Obama Rejected Were ‘Accumulated’ for Trump

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday in which he asserted that President Trump has been divinely anointed and protected because all the prayers from Christian conservatives that had been rejected by President Obama had been “accumulated” and bestowed upon Trump instead.

Wallnau reported that he had been at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort last week for a meeting with other Religious Right activists about launching a new PAC and was on hand when Trump dropped by the meeting to greet those involved. The PAC will reportedly focus on engaging Latinos to support Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

In the video he posted on Sunday, Wallnau stated that Trump is “so much like [Abraham] Lincoln” in that both were masters of maneuvering within difficult political circumstances, insisting that Trump is being divinely guided because God has been stockpiling prayers rejected by Obama in order to deliver them to Trump.

“The president is playing the hand he’s got brilliantly because the Holy Spirit is leading him,” Wallnau said. “All the prayers that were prayed for President Obama that he did not submit to—think about this, all of the intercession, all of the prayers, all the asking for God’s wisdom and God’s guidance and God’s help, what if you choose to align yourself against the Christian cause and against Israel?”

“All those prayers that he wouldn’t respond to, that God’s grace was on him to manifest, guess where they went?” he continued. “Donald Trump. You want to know why there is such a power in this president? It’s not just the prayers we’re praying, it’s the prayers we prayed that are now being answered … Where we are now is the accumulated prayers of the saints are hitting a tipping point in heaven and that is why we contend; we push in a little bit, even if you’re weak, push in because that tipping point is there for America and God is going to do something.”