Pro-Trump ‘Prophet’ Lance Wallnau Planning ‘Glorious Chaos’ Tour in 2020

"Prophetic" author Lance Wallnau appearing on The Jim Bakker show (Image from YouTube video)

Trump-promoting “prophet” Lance Wallnau devoted a Monday night Facebook video ramble to explaining President Trump’s deadly abandonment of the U.S.-allied Kurds. Wallnau blamed the impeachment inquiry for distracting Trump and his advisers, and ended his video by saying he’ll conduct a “Glorious Chaos” tour of swing states in 2020, beginning at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Before the 2016 election, Wallnau published a book declaring that Trump was “God’s Chaos Candidate.”

Wallnau’s undimmed ardor for Trump in spite of the slaughter in Syria was also reflected at the Values Voter Summit this past weekend. While some religious right leaders had criticized Trump’s actions in Syria before the gathering, at VVS Trump was greeted with chants of “four more years.” Speaker after speaker talked of the imperative to re-elect Trump, who has been the religious right’s champion, appointing ideological extremists to the federal courts, using the power of the federal government to drastically restrict women’s access to abortion, and expanding the ability of religious institutions to exempt themselves from anti-discrimination laws.

On his video, Wallnau declared that Trump made a mistake in Syria, but said the Trump responds more quickly to prayer than any other president. Here’s how Wallnau described his 2020 plans, which will be just one small part of a massive right-wing evangelical effort to tie Trump’s re-election to efforts to bring spiritual revival and societal “transformation” to America:

I pray you raise up an army of people, a vibrant Kingdom army—share this people, share this with other people, please! A vibrant army of the Lord is going to be going forth this year, all the way through to 2020. That It’s going to be an awakened, powerful movement of God. I’m looking at some states. I’m thinking of doing a tour. We’re going to call it the Glorious Chaos tour, the Glorious Chaos tour. It’ll be wonderful. Not sure where we’re going to go, but we’re surely going to have to kick it off in Charlotte, with the Republican convention, and then we’re going to go carve our way through the chaos, and we’re going to go to the chaos swing states and have a glorious chaos time. Hallelujah.