Trump’s Christian Supporters Must ‘Take Ownership Over the Spiritual Atmosphere’ Before 2020, Lance Wallnau Says

"Prophetic" author Lance Wallnau appearing on The Jim Bakker show (Image from YouTube video)

Trump cheerleader and “prophetic” author and speaker Lance Wallnau appeared on The Jim Bakker Show last week and said that “believers” must “take ownership over the spiritual atmosphere over America” between now and the 2020 election. Charisma, a Trump-supporting Pentecostal-oriented media operation, gave the interview a boost on Thursday.

Wallnau’s language is characteristic of Trump-supporting “apostles” and “prophets” who believe that their efforts are a form of spiritual warfare and who regularly appeal to the “courts of heaven” and pray that God will send his angels into battle on Trump’s behalf.

Wallnau said that “believers”—in this context, conservative Christians who share his belief that Trump was anointed by God—have “got to recognize we have authority in the spirit realm. We have to start using it.”

Wallnau said the 2020 election will be “unhinged,” predicting that it will probably be “the most contentious, conflicted—it will be like when Lincoln was elected in the Civil War.” He continued, “Because, the left, if they were deranged—they haven’t accepted Trump in two years in, they still are in denial and trying to impeach him—imagine what will happen if he’s elected for four more years after that.”

Wallnau declared that the Democratic Party has been “taken over” by the radical left, which has “a movement within it that has got into the Democratic Party to seize power.”