Dave Daubenmire Rants Against ‘Sissified’ Boys, Unladylike Girls, And Women Pastors

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire, in addition to being a rabidly anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-Semitic, anti-interracial marriage conspiracy theorist, is also deeply misogynistic, which is a trait that was once again on full display during this morning’s “Pass The Salt Live” webcast.

“Everywhere they go, [young men] are being sissified,” Daubenmire ranted. “They’re being sissified in school, they’re being sissified in church. They’re being sissified on the job, they’re being sissified in the home. The daddies have become sissies, the daddies won’t speak back to their bossy wives because they want to get laid and so mom runs the house, mom runs everything.”

American society, he fumed, teaches young men that “you can be a man and sleep with another man, you can be a woman and sleep with another woman, you can be a man who kills your baby, you can be a man who impregnates a lady and lets her kill her baby but you’re not allowed to have any opinion on it, you just have got to sit there in a corner, shut up, and let the women do whatever they want to do.”

Daubenmire proceeded to complain that young men today can’t even treat young women as ladies because “they don’t act like ladies.”

“Why don’t they act like ladies?” he asked. “‘Cause they are fighting to get on top! The wives are fighting to get on top! The girlfriends are fighting to get on top! The girls are competing for college scholarships, the girls are competing for jobs—not that girls shouldn’t, but that’s what has thrown our culture and society out of whack.”

“Women pastors,” he continued to rant. “A woman who pastors a church, a married woman who pastors a church. I ask myself one simple question: if she is the pastor and the head of the church, is she also the head of the home? And if she is not the head of the home, what is she doing being the head of the church? And if she is the head of the home, what’s wrong with her husband?”