Dave Daubenmire: The ‘Leg-Crossers’ At Fox News Are Titillating Men Into Sexually Harassing Them

On his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning, Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire blamed the women who work at Fox News for titillating men with the way they sit and dress into sexually harassing them.

“Have you seen how the women on Fox News dress?” he asked. “Are they trying to titillate you at all? They dress like that and if you say something to them, you are harassing them. Titillation, right? That’s a big setup, man. That’s the biggest setup. I wonder if Anderson Cooper has propositioned any boys he has had on his show. How come we don’t hear anything about that? Huh? There is something evil going on.”

“Your turn on right now ‘Fox and Friends,'” he continued, “and I guarantee you there is some leg-crosser sitting right there on the couch showing all flesh—probably doesn’t have sleeves on, probably showing as much flesh as she’s legally allowed to show—and then they get mad when you sexually harass them or say something in the workplace.”