Dave Daubenmire: ‘We Cannot Vote For Hillary Clinton Because Women Are Not To Have Authority Over Men’

Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire posted a video this morning declaring that a recording of Donald Trump bragging about being able to sexually assault women because he is famous should be of far less concern to Christians than the prospect of allowing a woman to become president.

“Women and men may be equal,” Daubenmire said, “but I think it’s pretty clear that the Bible teaches us that women should not be in authority over a man.”

“Here’s the point I’m making,” he continued. “With all that’s going on with Trump and everybody screaming and hollering about that, when is the last time your pastor stood up in the pulpit and said, ‘Hey, listen, we cannot vote for Hillary Clinton because women are not to have authority over men’? If we want to follow the Bible, that would sure be a good place to start, wouldn’t it? Rather than worrying so much about the immorality of a sinful man, what about the biblical principle that when a woman rules over a man … it’s a sign of judgment of the Lord?”