Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Wimps And Heretics

  • Jim Garlow is furious about Christians who do not share his right-wing views on marriage equality: “Wimps! All these capitulators are wimps. Oops. I better not use that word and call this guy out. I gotta act like some milquetoast, spineless dude, yes? Worse than wimps. They are heretics.”
  • Is there any controversy into which Patrick Mahoney won’t try to insert himself?
  • Concerned Women for America encourages its activists to “pray for protection against the Democratic National Committee’s ‘Resistance Summer,’ a concerted effort to sabotage conservative leaders and policies.”
  • Accuracy in Media is very upset that CNN described Alliance Defending Freedom as an “anti-gay group” just because they are an anti-gay group.
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire is very sad for all those childless women who don’t understand God’s proper role for them: “No matter how often they try to brainwash you otherwise the joy of giving birth is the pinnacle of the human experience.”