Dave Daubenmire: Interracial Marriage Has Weakened America Because ‘Multiculturalism Is Spiritual AIDS’

Right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire used his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning to declare that “multiculturalism is spiritual AIDS” and suggest that acceptance of interracial marriage has weakened America.

Daubenmire, an anti-Semite who routinely warns that liberals are trying to destroy white Christian culture, said that there is no way to blend together “a Christian American white Anglo-Saxon culture with a Hispanic culture that doesn’t even speak the language with a Muslim culture that serves an entirely different god” and that efforts to do so are planting seeds of disharmony throughout the nation.

“Should a Christian black family be able to be in relationship with a Christian white family?” he asked. “Of course. Should a Christian American family be able to be in relation with an Asian Christian family? Of course. Does it require intermixing?”

Acknowledging that what he was about to say was “going to come across wrong,” Daubenmire then proceeded to wonder if acceptance of interracial marriage has been a good thing for America.

“Today, interracial marriage would be considered honorable, when 40 years ago it would have been considered a disgrace,” he said. “Now is it a disgrace or is it honorable? Has the mixing of culture been good for America or has it been bad? Is America stronger today than we were 40 years ago or are we weaker today? And could it be are we weaker today because multiculturalism is spiritual AIDS and has brought an infection into what was once a great Christian American culture?”

It is worth noting that Roy Moore, the Republican senate candidate from Alabama, appeared on Daubenmire’s show in 2013.